Direct Importers & Exporters WorldWide

We Import & Export all variety of legal goods to every corner of the globe. Since we export directly from the manufacturer to the vendor our cost efficiency is our best trait but under no circumstances anyone out there has ever been able to beat out quality for the money spent. That is because unlike most exporter and importer we do not just delve into one specific product or region we go where the best product is available for best price and then we pass along the saving to you; our customers.

Every Corner Of The Globe Is Our Domain

We Import and Export goods to and from six continents and 86 countries globally. If it's being made somewhere we can have it to you in less time and for less money than anyone in the market.

We are also the company which introduced a regular news letter where we identify if some thing is extremely desirable for either import or export anywhere in the world. Hence giving extra time to our clients cashing in their investments while rest of the people are playing catch up.

We Pride ourselves for our hands on customer help and care. So far we have 100% customer satisfaction. In other words we have never lost a client to our competitors. The reasons for that is simple
                              *) Best customer care
                              *) Incredibly fast response time
                              *) Best Prices for the quality desired
                              *) Availability of every legal product imaginable
                              *) Newsletter to Importers and Exporters
                              *) Presence on six continents covering the globe
                              *) Relationships with Large Scale Manufacturers